You are currently viewing Full cheat sheets: Micromasters Program in Finance (MITx, edX, MIT Sloan School of Management)

Full cheat sheets: Micromasters Program in Finance (MITx, edX, MIT Sloan School of Management)

Dear all,

As I have completed my Micromasters Program in Finance in January 2023, after 15 months of study for five courses, I’d like to share with you all my cheat sheets for each module.

When looking back, I found that those 15 months were probably the toughest study time of mine (after 15 years out of school), but at the same time, very rewarding, especially for someone with an engineering background who wants to learn more about finance like me. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the knowledge and methodology taught during this course are absolutely valuable for many people who want to learn more about modern finance and how the finance world works.

Here is an excerpt from the program overview:

“The online curriculum of this program encompasses five courses that mirror MIT on-campus graduate level coursework. By completing these five courses and earning the program credential, learners demonstrate significant knowledge of critical topics in finance, such as pricing of financial securities, asset management, corporate finance, and derivative securities. The curriculum also includes rigorous training in mathematical and quantitative methods used in finance, as well as financial accounting. The credential requires the completion of rigorous coursework through intensive lectures and homework assignments, as well as passing corresponding online proctored exams.”

The link for the program is here:

And here are the links for my cheat sheets:

  1. Foundations of Modern Finance Part I (15.415.1x): FMF-1
  2. Foundations of Modern Finance Part II (15.415.2x): FMF-2
  3. Financial Accounting (15.516x): FA
  4. Derivatives Markets: Advanced Modeling and Strategies (15.435x): DM-AMS
  5. Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance (15.455x): MMfQF

Thank you all for coming by and #learnon!


LinhTH (29 Jan 2023)

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  1. SRL

    Hi. I am starting the micromasters at Finance. I am doing Financial Accounting right now.

    What are the things I should prepare for in the exam? Will there be crazy things that are not found in the book or lectures?

    Speaking of the other courses, how difficult is the math used…is it engineering level or harder?



    1. Leo

      Hi SRL! I think follow up with the course closely is a good thing, study daily is better than cramp toward the end, do a lot of exercises.

      There will be some surprise during the exam (as far as I took, at least few of them quite out of reach for me) – but good thing you only need 60% or more to pass (at my time in 2022).

      On other courses, I think the math is at engineering level, not harder, so if you’re familiar with it, you should be ok.

      Have fun learning !

  2. SRL

    I am curious. Where did you end up studying…or working, after taking the micromasters?

    1. Leo

      Hi, I’m still doing what I’m doing, just use the knowledge to strengthen my work results as well as investment part. I was not particularly looking for a job change after the Micromasters 🙂 Frankly, it’ll require lot of things & some luck as well to have that.

  3. SRL

    Hi. I would like to ask what materials do you use for practice? Is it just Hanlon or do you have other links for practice exercises that would be useful for the exam?

    And do you have an email where I can submit questions that you may not be comfortable answering in public? Thank you.

    1. Leo

      Hi! I used the course materials & sometimes the text book (less) – for me, it’s enough, no need further references. Normally when you start the course they’ll have discussion forum & group chat (whatsapp or similar) – you can also ask anything there, people are usually very friendly & helpful. You can ask me anything here as well, hope I can give you some good information. Cheers!

  4. SRL

    Hi. How did the micromasters help you in your career? Which business school do most finishers get in if not Sloan? Did you enter a new uni after the program?

    1. Leo

      Hi SRL, I didn’t study for higher education, just a knowledge for myself, so far I haven’t apply for any other school of higher education yet, so I don’t have that knowledge to share 🙂

  5. EP

    Thank you very much for providing the data! Sorry for the bold ask, but could you by any chance share the source files too?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Leo

      Hi EP! I think you can find a good conversion software to convert pdf to words, that should help 🙂 Good luck with the exam!

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