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Patience & Perseverance (Kiên nhẫn & Kiên trì)

Just a random thought on the difference between Patience & Perseverance:

  1. Patience: trying to standstill when external forces push you – kind of reactive & internal holding, accept whatever external bring on
  2. Perseverance: keep moving forward instead of difficulty, of external forces

While patience help you to hold up your idea, perseverance helps you to advance that idea, to execute that idea, and to bring idea to life.

Both are necessary for you to move on & success in life, while patience is the corner stone and the firm platform – perseverance is the wheel, the structure that you’ll continue to build and go forward.

You can’t go further or build higher without strong foundation of Patience, and you can’t complete your goal without perseverance.

Go hand in hand…

Hai Linh