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Do Managers and Leaders Really Do Different Things?

(Source: HBR-Jun 2016)

Some important capture from the article:

management behaviors dominantly center on the manager: gaining trust, being accountable, being optimistic, being visible, and providing recognition and reward. Leadership behaviors focus on the staff: trust people, engage people, motivate and encourage people.

Here is another distinction:

“Managers” delegated largely as a way to increase efficiency; “leaders” delegated as a way to empower subordinates.


The crucial difference – maybe the only difference — is the focus of the person carrying them out. Focus more on people and you’ll demonstrate leadership, more on results and you’ll perform management; but what you’re actually doing may not be that different.

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On becoming Authentic Leader (Practice Everyday)

One of the probably most difficult question for leader – to be or not to be!

Disney Institute has a good article on HBR in this issue, here are some recaps from the original article (original link: To Be an Authentic Leader, Practice Every Day)

Every leader is telling a story about what he or she values by the way he or she behaves.

It is important for leaders to realize that if there is too great a difference between their personal values and the organization’s values, the relationship may not be sustainable. Your personal values can eventually drown out the organization’s values

(example: work-life balance but sending out email during weekend)

Leaders must live the story they tell. If your values do not align, you will not be able to authentically be a part of the organization’s culture.

Being authentic means recognizing, valuing, and appreciating the unique strengths, talents, and passions of each person. Being authentic allows leaders to build relationships based on trust. When leaders build relationships based on trust, information flows to them.

Basically we need to be ourselves, both internal & external, both in open-space and in private-space, both with or without others.

Be yourself! Live the motto! Lift up others…

Hai Linh