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Quick read on Finding Job


(1) What a Year of Job Rejections Taught Me About Pitching Myself

Lesson learnt: 

  1. It’s all about COMMUNICATION: how other people perceive you, how you see yourself, and how to match those 2 together. Sometimes it’s about perspective of the same character, view from different angles, different places, different cultures.
  2. Social medias has a great effect on branding oneself –> I may need to learn how to leverage these tools.

(2) Setting the Record Straight on Switching Jobs

Lesson learnt: 

  1. It’s normal to switch job:


  2. Be careful before accepting a new offer: 

“You should avoid jumping around if you can, not because of any potential damage to your future job prospects, but because of the emotional drain. “The real problem is starting again to find a new place, a new location, new friends, constantly reproving yourself,” he says. You can avoid a lot of switching by thoroughly assessing any potential jobs. Because many interviews are what he calls “a conversation between two liars,” it pays to get a sense of what the job will truly be like in other ways. Some companies will offer a realistic job preview that will give you an inside view of the company, not the sugarcoated perspective you get in a series of interviews. Ask for one when considering your next job, suggests Fernández-Aráoz, or do as much research as you possibly can before accepting the offer.”

3. Counteroffer is bad?

“The rule of thumb among recruiters used to be that 80% of those accepting counteroffers leave, or are terminated, within six to 12 months, and that half of those who accept them re-initiate their job searches within 90 days.” Even if your manager is able to make good on the promises in a counteroffer, there is the issue of broken trust. “They may still consider you less loyal and therefore offer you lower chances of future development.” Second, Fernández-Aráoz says, “you’ve made a commitment to the new company and you should honor it.”

    4. Keep growing yourself:

“The world is changing so rapidly that you have to be agile or adaptable. You should constantly look for projects that give you more skills, do things outside of your comfort zone, so that you have another skillset, not just the one you need for your current job.”

At the end, I think it’s all about whether you’re happy at your work, and you’re constantly get challanges & grow over time or not. It’s a journey that must be continuing, and not stop growing until you cease this life form.

Hai Linh

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