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Human (2015) Documentary

Taken from just watched documentary: Human (2015)

Probably one of the most interesting documentation so far.

It taught me, at this moment, again, never easily judge a person…Life is always beautiful!


“The way we live and value our lives are the expression of the society we live in.

And we cling to that.

It doesn’t matter if I’m the president.

I’ve thought about all this a lot.

I spent over 10 years in a solitary confinement cell.

I had the time…

I spent 7 years without opening a book.

It left me time to think.

This is what I discovered.

Either you’re happy with very little, without overburdening yourself, because you have happiness inside, or you’ll get nowhere.

I am not advocating poverty. I am advocating sobriety.

But we invented a consumer society which is continually seeking growth. When there’s no growth, it’s tragic.

We invented a mountain of superfluous consumption. You keep buying, throwing away…

It’s our lives we are squandering.

When I buy something, or when you buy it, we’re not paying with money.

We’re paying with the time from our lives we had to spend to earn that money.

The difference is that you can’t buy life.

Life just goes by.

And it’s terrible to waste your life losing your freedom.”

-former president of Uruguay, José Mujica

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